Live in Al Jazeera TV on the refugee crisis (can Greece cope with it?)

Refugee crisis – current developments and possible ways out: Live with me (also online) in Al Jazeera “Inside Europe” on 28th/29th February – I have contributed via Skype Link: HUMAN RIGHTS Can Greece cope with the refugee crisis? Thousands of refugees are stranded in Greece after other European countries impose a cap on arrivals. […]

Live in TV-Studio for Al Jazeera English from Berlin to Doha/Qatar

9th February 2016:  Is the European Project collapsing? Refugee crisis etc.: Al Jazeera English “Insight Story”:  With me live in Studio from Berlin next to the Brandenburg Gate (background) and another guest from London; Moderator from Doha/Qatar:  Here is the live stream on you tube (all 25 minutes):    …and the report: BUSINESS & […]