No business-as-usual scenario: My 10 points for an EU Corona action plan in Open Democracy (19th May)

Open Democracy No business-as-usual scenario: 10 points for an EU Corona action plan Expertocracy is not the same as democracy: the legitimation question must be raised, and psychological aspects of public opinion considered. Florian Hartleb 19 May 2020 Michel Barnier (advisor) and Commission President José Manuel Barroso ( together right) had a plan in 2006, […]

Quo, vadis, Alternative for Germany (AfD)? Statements in Deutsche Welle (18th May 2020)

GERMANY, Deutsche Welle 18th May 2020 Coronavirus victim: German far-right AfD in crisis The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) is dipping in the polls after dithering over the coronavirus lockdown. Now it has thrown out one of its most prominent extremists. Is it heading for a crash?      Germany’s most successful-ever post-war far-right party is […]