A German Europe (Saksa Euroopa?) – opinion piece in the Estonian newspaper Postimees

A German Europe? (Saksa Euroopa?) – my comment for the Estonian newspaper Postimees, 7th August 2015, p. 13:


Latest with the EU-Greece crisis summit this July, a debate around a new German Europe has started. It seems even that the expression is currently on everyone’s lips. Anti-German sentiment that has been simmering in Greece for the past few years has boiled over in recent weeks in response to the conditions Germany has imposed on the country in return for financial bail outs. Especially the South countries such as Italy have raised similar voices. In other words: Germany is not very popular in Europe’s today. […]

Europe needs stronger leadership – but Germany, at the moment, looks poorly qualified. Its officials seem unable to exercise influence with restraint or respect for all EU citizens. But this means also that Europe is on the path to disintegrate itself.

Original in Estonian:

Florian Hartleb: Saksa Euroopa?


Euroopa vajab jõulist juhtimist, aga Saksamaa ei paista praegu selleks sugugi valmis olevat, kirjutab saksa politoloog Florian Hartleb.