Photo Enriko Lill 2022
Photo Enriko Lill 2022


Dr. Florian Hartleb

My background

  • Topics:  Digital society, E-Estonia, Political radicalism (populism, extremism), Political Parties
  • Political consultant 
  • PhD in political science (summa cum laude)
  • Internationally experienced expert in politics
  • Organizer of business trips
  • Highly developed analytical and communicative skills
  • e-Resident of Estonia
  • Organizer of business trips to Estonia 
  • Consultant for digitalization (studies to E-Estonia, Bavarian e-government)
  • Author of numerous academic books and articles in German and English
  • Social Media campaigning
  • Author of schoolbooks
  • Economically related studies (with Deutsche Bank)
  • Good political networks in Berlin and Brussels
  • Professional in presentations (163 speeches in 28 countries)
  • Lecturer in various universities
  • Various statements in Media (TV and radio)
  • Organisation of international conferences and congresses


Long version:

 Professional background

  • Since 9/13 Lecturer at the University of Passau
  • Since Project Manager for various projects 
  • Since 2/19: Lecturer at the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Social Policies) and the Hochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung Kehl (e-government)
  • 10/18: Author of the book “lone wolves” (Springer 2020), in German; Einsame Wölfe), Hoffmann & Campe, Hamburg
  • Since 1/18: Senior lecturer at the leadership military academy in Hamburg
  • Since 2/16: Managing Director Hanse Advice (, Projects: business-trip to Estonia for Bertelsmann Stiftung on “Smart Countries” etc.), Expert (Populism, refugees, terrorism), Speaker for the German Presidency, in Ben Gurion University in Israel, CDU-fraction of Hessen, Bavaria International, Saarland International, TV-expert for Al Jazeera, Commentator for, Wiener Zeitung, Estonian newspaper Postimees, consultant for digitalization (Bertelsmann Stiftung; part of an expert debate with the German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel in Tallinn/Estonia), book reviewer (Routledge Publishing house)
  • 6/14-8/15: Author of different book projects, Commentator in the public on various topics (German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Estonian newspaper Postimees etc.), Social media campaign for PR companies, speaker and moderator
  • 11/13-5/14: Coordinator for Party Politics and Policy analysis at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin
  • Since 6/12: Research Associate of the Brussels-based Think tank Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies (CES) (honorary position)
  • 3/11-5/12: Research fellow of the Brussels-based Think Tank Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies in Brussels
  • 10/10-1/11: Short-time Professor for Political Communication at Business School Potsdam
  • 11/09-9/10: Professor (with appointment) for Political Management at private owned “International University for Executive Management” Berlin
  • Since 10/07: Author of School Books (High school) in Social Science (for country of Bavaria; sold appx 20000 copies each)
  • 10-11/08: Scholarship as Research fellow of the Hungarian National Parliament in Budapest
  • 04/06 –10/09: Researcher in political systems and institutions at Technical University (TU) Chemnitz
  • 01/05 – 03/06: Press speaker and political adviser in the German Parliament “Deutscher Bundestag” Berlin
  • Since 4/04: Lecturer of various German universities at the University of Bonn, the University for Politics Munch, Catholic University Eichstätt, TU Chemnitz, University Mittweida and of University Tartu/Estonia
  • Internships in the political branch of the Bavarian radio broadcast Munich, in the news branch of the SWR, Stuttgart, in the European Parliament in Brussels, in Bosnia-Herzegowina in the foreign branch Sarajevo of the Konrad-Adenauer foundation


  • 05/04: Dr. phil. “Left and right populism – Two phenomena in the German party system (summa cum laude)
  • 04/03 – 03/04: Scholarship for doctoral thesis from the Hanns-Seidel Foundation
  • 01/03: Graduated from the University of Passau after 7 semesters with a Magister Artium degree in Studies of Politics, Law and Psychology: (GPA: 1.6 on a 1-5 scale)
  • 04/00 – 1/03: Scholarship for gifted journalists of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation
  • 10/99 – 01/03: Completed coursework for Studies of Politics, Law and Psychology at the University of Passau
  • 05/99 – 8/99: Foreign Studies in Politics at Eastern Illinois University (USA)
  • 07/98 – 4/99: Compulsory Military Service in Külsheim and Pocking/Kirchham
  • 06/98: Abitur (A-level) exam at the Grammar School Maristengymnasium Fürstenzell, specialization in German and History
  • 06/79: born in Passau (Bavaria)

Selected Publications

  • Altogether published 12 books, co-author of 3 schoolbooks, ca 80 contributions in books and Journals, 2 edited volumes (in German, English, French, Spanish)
  • with Paul Schliefsteiner und Christoph Schiebel: The Interrelation and Dynamics between the “Reichsbürger” and the “Querdenker” in Germany and Austria, in: Perspectives on Terrorism, 8 (1), April (2023), Special section “anti-government extremism”, verantwortlich Tore Bjørgo (double blind peer reviewed), pp. 123-143.
  • Mario Schäfer: Searching for the Philosopher´s stone. Counter-Strategies against Populism, in: Michael Oswald (ed.): The Palgrave Handbook of Populism, Palgrave Macmillan: London 2022, S. 665-685, double-plind peer reviewed. 
  • The Right-Wing Populist Disruption in the Berlin Republic. Opportunity structures and Success of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), in: John Robertson/Michael Oswald (eds.): Flourishing Landscapes: Thirty Years of German Unification and the Legacy’s Impact, Festschrift für Winand Gellner zum Anlass seiner Emeritierung, Palgrave Macmillan: London 2022, S. 231-247.
  • with Hidenori Tsutsumi and Boyu Chen: Digital parties as personalistic-authoritarian business firm models. Is Japan following European trends?, in: Oscar Barberà/Giulia Sandri/Patricia Correa/Juan Rodríguez-Teruel (eds.): Digital Parties. The Challenges of Online Organisation and Participation, Springer Nature: Heidelberg et al. 2021, pp. 269-286 (board reviewed).
  • Materalizations of Populism in Today´s politics: Global Perspectives, in: Barbara Christophe/Heike Liebau/Christoph Kohl/Achim Saupe (eds.): The Politics of Authenticity and Populist Discourses. Media and Education in Brazil, India and Ukraine, Reihe: Palgrave Studies in Educational Media, London, Palgrave Macmillan 2021, pp. 31-52 (board reviewed).
  • e-Estonia. Europe´s Silicon Valley or a new 1984?, in: Denise Feldner (ed.): Redesigning Institutions: Consequences of and Concepts for the Digital Transformation, Springer Nature: Heidelberg et al. 2020, pp. 215-228 (board reviewed).
  • With Karsten Grabow: Europa – No, thanks? Study on the rise of right-wing and nationalist populist parties, Sankt-Augustin/Berlin 2014: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung/Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies.
  • With Karsten Grabow (eds): Exposing the Demagogues. Right-wing and National Populist Parties in Europe, funded from the European Parliament, Brussels 2013 Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung/Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies
  • All Tomorrow‘s Parties: The Changing Face of European Party Politics, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, funded from the European Parliament, Brussels 2012.
  • Yes to Technological Progress, but No to Populism. A Proactive Proposal, in: European View (Springer Press), 11 (2012) 2, pp. 225-234 (reviewed).
  • Right-wing populist parties in Europe, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, funded from the European Parliament, Brussels 2011.
  • A thorn in the side of European elites: The new euroscepticism, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, funded from the European Parliament, Brussels 2011.


  • Since 09/03: 154 lectures in various topics like ‘Populism and extremism in Europe’, ‘Berlin Republic’, ‘Political parties’, ‘Protest politics’, ‘Leadership and political management’, ‘Dictatorships’ held in Washington D.C., Mexico City, Colombo (Sri Lanka), New Dehli, Luxembourg, Budapest, Brussels, Madrid, Bonn, Paris, Dresden, Erlangen, Hamburg, Vienna, Weimar, Yerevan, Tbilisi (31 countries)
  • Statements and Interviews in media including Washington Times, Irish Times, Global Post, Financial Times and in German national broadcast

Teaching and Research Interests

Around 50 regular seminars at 8 universities in various topics in Political Science

  • Digital society (Estonia)
  • Populism and euroscepticism (EU)
  • Political extremism and protest politics
  • Understanding revolutions
  • Media
  • Policy research
  • Parties and political culture of Eastern Europe

Language Skills

  • German: mother tongue
  • English: fluent in speaking and writing
  • French: fluent in reading and good in speaking
  • Estonian: basic knowledge

Extracurricular Activities

  • 05/04 – present: Editor of the Campus Magazine at the University of Passau Chief Executive Officer of the Passau Publications Group (distributed economic and legal dictionaries in different languages:
  • 10/00 – 09/01: Represented the fellows of the Konrad-Adenauer foundation at the University of Passau; organised a seminar for fellow representatives in Wesseling 22.6.-24.6.2001
  • 05/96 – present: Member at the voluntary fire brigade Höch-Fürstdobl