Al Jazeera Debate on Brexit (“Inside Story”) with me (25th June)

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Al Jazeera “Inside Story”


Is the European Union in danger?

EU Foreign Ministers hold a crisis meeting after Britain votes to leave the 28-member bloc.

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A day after British voters decided to leave the European Union, the consequences are slowly coming into focus.

Nationalist politicians across Europe are now pushing for their own countries to leave the EU.

France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen says French citizens must now also have the ‘right to choose’.


She joins other nationalist and anti-immigration politicians in the Netherlands and Italy, in calling for an EU referendum. 

That’s likely worrying European Foreign Ministers meeting in Germany to discuss Brexit and what it means for the EU’s future.

But what does it take to keep the EU together? And how can it prevent others from leaving?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Pieter Cleppe – Head of the Brussels office of the Open Europe think tank

Patrice de Beer – Former Editor of Le Monde newspaper

Florian Hartleb – Lecturer at Germany’s Eichstatt University

Source: Al Jazeera