Review of my book “lone wolves” in academic journal Perspectives on Terrorism, June 2020

Perspectives on Terrorism, June 2020 Florian Hartleb. Lone Wolf. The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors. Cham: Springer, 2020. 186 pp. ISBN 978-3-030-36153-2. Softcover: EUR 25.99; e-Book: EUR 21.39; US $ 29.99. Reviewed by José Pedro Zúquete If you ask security policy makers or analysts what the dominant trend in terrorism is today, the chances […]

No business-as-usual scenario: My 10 points for an EU Corona action plan in Open Democracy (19th May)

Open Democracy No business-as-usual scenario: 10 points for an EU Corona action plan Expertocracy is not the same as democracy: the legitimation question must be raised, and psychological aspects of public opinion considered. Florian Hartleb 19 May 2020 Michel Barnier (advisor) and Commission President José Manuel Barroso ( together right) had a plan in 2006, […]

Quo, vadis, Alternative for Germany (AfD)? Statements in Deutsche Welle (18th May 2020)

GERMANY, Deutsche Welle 18th May 2020 Coronavirus victim: German far-right AfD in crisis The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) is dipping in the polls after dithering over the coronavirus lockdown. Now it has thrown out one of its most prominent extremists. Is it heading for a crash?      Germany’s most successful-ever post-war far-right party is […]

My piece for Open Democracy: New dimensions of terrorism: tracking right-wing inspired (25th March 2020) lone wolves

CAN EUROPE MAKE IT?   Open Democracy New dimensions of terrorism: tracking right-wing inspired lone wolves The significance of the American position should not be underestimated, for they are also host to many of the most powerful social media and gaming platforms in the world.   Florian Hartleb 25 March 2020 Anders Behring Breivik in […]

Press release (Springer) about my new book “Lone Wolves. The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors), 6 March 2020

Lone Wolves in sheep’s clothing – terrorism as a symptom New Springer book, Lone Wolves: The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors, examines a new breed of terrorism that feeds on the hunger for sensationalism and the trend of depoliticisation in Western societies exposing unfamiliar risks and threats Heidelberg | New York, 6 March 2020 The […]

Lecturing (EU-Erasmus) in Barcelona on social work in times of fake news and populism (26th March)

From 24th to 26th March I was invited to be guest lecturer at Universitat Ramon Llull, specialized in Social work in Barcelona.  The funding came from EU Erasmus mobility fund for lecturers in exchange program with Catholic-University Eichstätt. There I am teaching regularly as a guest lecturer as well.  The topic of my lecture was “Social […]

Danger of the lone wolves. A small analysis after the Hanau case (21st February 2020)

My analysis in English about the recent right-wing inspired lone wolf attack in Germany (Hanau) – a deeper analysis is in my book on the topic (just published, Springer, 2020) Danger from “lonely wolves”: The perpetrator from Hanau was among us February 21, 2020   Friday February 21, 2020By Florian Hartleb The attack […]

Book chapter “e-Estonia. New Silicon Valley or a new 1984?” (Springer)

© 2020 Redesigning Organizations Concepts for the Connected Society Editors: Feldner, Denise (Ed.) Addresses the digital transformation in the context of business, government and society Offers valuable insights on the role of trust and new public policy concepts in digital networks Includes case studies on the most recent approaches and projects Addresses the most important questions […]

Just published my book “Lone Wolves – The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors” (Springer)

  Free Preview © 2020 Lone Wolves The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors Authors: Hartleb, Florian Highlights the dynamics and ideological roots of lone wolf terrorism Written in clear and straightforward language for the politically interested reader Discusses suitable countermeasures to prevent future terror attacks About this book:  As the attacks in Norway, Munich and […]