Bertelsmann-Stiftung: Learning from E-Estonia

Foto: Enriko Lill In September 2016 a delegation from the Bertelsmann-Stiftung with Dr. Brigitte Mohn has visited Estonia. “E-Estonia” is regarded as digital trendsetter in Europe. The visit intended an in-depth-view about how e-government, the new working-life and digital education work in practice. Outgoing State president Toomas Hendrik Ilves who implemented the digitalization already in […]

My statements in Washington Times about Berlin elections and the consequences (15th September)

Germany’s open door for refugees to hit Merkel’s coalition in Berlin elections     German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pictures taken with refugees in Berlin. (Associated Press/File) more >   View Comments Print By Patrick Costello – Special to The Washington Times – – Thursday, September 15, 2016 BERLIN — The U.S. isn’t the only major […]

I call it “Black July”: After the terrorist attacks in Germany. My Statements about the consequences (Christian Science Monitor, 28th July 2016)

After – or despite – a violent week, Germany still turns to Merkel   Populists have tried to gain political footing over a threat they say was magnified by the chancellor’s ‘open door’ refugee policy. But many say that Merkel might actually gain politically after the attacks. By Rachel Stern, Correspondent JULY 28, 2016 Hannibal […]

After Nice: “Lone-wolf-terrorists as useful idiots for IS”, Interview with Radio Switzerland (18th July 2016)

After Nice: “Lone-wolf-terrorists as useful idiots for IS”, Interview with Radio Switzerland (18th July 2016), to listen here (in German): Most important citations:  Klar scheint, dass es sich um einen «Einsamen Wolf» handelte. Mit dem Phänomen der radikalisierten Einzeltäter, die zu allem entschlossen aber kaum mit Komplizen vernetzt sind, hat sich Florian Hartleb beschäftigt. […]

Al Jazeera Debate on Brexit (“Inside Story”) with me (25th June)

Video to watch: Al Jazeera “Inside Story” Politics Is the European Union in danger? EU Foreign Ministers hold a crisis meeting after Britain votes to leave the 28-member bloc. 25 Jun 2016 19:50 GMT Politics, Europe, European Union, United Kingdom A day after British voters decided to leave the European Union, the consequences are […]