Book chapter “e-Estonia. New Silicon Valley or a new 1984?” (Springer)


Redesigning Organizations

Concepts for the Connected Society

Editors: Feldner, Denise (Ed.)

  • Addresses the digital transformation in the context of business, government and society
  • Offers valuable insights on the role of trust and new public policy concepts in digital networks
  • Includes case studies on the most recent approaches and projects
  • Addresses the most important questions of being human in the hybrid age


My contribution (book chapter) is dealing with “e-Estonia. Europe´s Silicon Valley or a new 1984?”

These days, Estonia gets a lot of attention as a laboratory for the possible future of our states and societies. The following analysis will serve as an in-depth analysis of the digitalization process of a country, including discussing the potential risks. Other countries seem to be far behind; for example, the economic superpower Germany, where the process of digitalization is just starting — almost two decades later than in Estonia, at least in terms of e-government but also related to the digital mindset and infrastructure.