Book chapter in The Palgrave Handbook of Populism (with Mario Schäfer, Counter-Strategies)

The new standard on populism research (despite the book price 213,99 euro;-) for Hardcover : The Palgrave Handbook of Populism(just published)
Happy to contribute with the last chapter (pp. 665-685) in:
(together with Mario Schäfer): Searching for the philosopher´s stone. Counter-Strategies against Populism

Searching for the Philosopher’s Stone: Counterstrategies Against Populism


The issue of counterstrategies to populism is tricky, and the philosopher´s stone has not been found yet. A systematic approach towards a differentiation between actor-related and supporter-related counterstrategies can reveal lessons learnt in a global context. To that end, we define populism as a strategy along three dimensions: technique-related, content-related and media-related. By following these dimensions, we display counterstrategies claimed and used by established parties to combat left- and right-wing populism. Considering the evaluation of the different approaches, we propose a more fundamental approach to fight populism in the twenty-first century.–B5V3aQjrCrhs0J2nOssTgX8Szp6mPIuOHbeIgx9_II0hUWQFVeTY