Book chapter with collegues from Japan in a great project on”Digital Parties” (Springer, published in October 2021))

With professors from Japan, Hidenori Tsutsum and Boyu Chen I could contribute with a book chapter 

“Digital Parties as Personalistic-Authoritarian Business-Firm Models. Is Japan Following European Trends?”



“The following chapter presents a new typology in classifying political parties as business-firm and digital models, a combination of the business-firm party concept with the ‘digital party’ or ‘cyber party’. The country being examined, Japan, has traditionally had a top-down approach and an elitist model of democracy. Despite the fact, that Japan is a democracy without meaningful political opposition several attempts of establishing a new party project have been made. The emergence of the business-firm model and digital party in Japan in the past decade deserves further observation due to the use of technology and platforms.”

in a great project: 

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Digital Parties

The Challenges of Online Organisation and Participation

  • Oscar Barberà
  • Giulia Sandri
  • Patricia Correa
  • Juan Rodríguez-Teruel
  • Provides the most comprehensive analysis of how digital party platforms work in Europe

  • Presents the affordances and organization of digital party platforms in Europe

  • Assesses the organizational challenges raised by new and mainstream political parties’ migration into the digital world

  • Discusses the technical and democratic problems faced by political parties’ online decision-making systems