new research article: (with Prof. Isabelle Borucki) on e-voting throughout Europe (May 2023)

ORIGINAL RESEARCH article Isabelle Borucki/Florian Hartleb: Debating E-Voting throughout Europe. Constitutional Structures, Parties’ Concepts and Europeans’ Perceptions, in: Frontiers in Political Science (2023), three times blind peer reviewed, 17 May 2023 Sec. Elections and Representation Volume 5 – 2023 | Isabelle Borucki1* and Florian Hartleb2 1Department 03, Institute for Political Science, Philipps University, Marburg, Germany 2Faculty for […]

Book chapter with collegues from Japan in a great project on”Digital Parties” (Springer, published in October 2021))

With professors from Japan, Hidenori Tsutsum and Boyu Chen I could contribute with a book chapter  “Digital Parties as Personalistic-Authoritarian Business-Firm Models. Is Japan Following European Trends?” ( Summary:  “The following chapter presents a new typology in classifying political parties as business-firm and digital models, a combination of the business-firm party concept with the ‘digital party’ or ‘cyber […]

Book chapter “e-Estonia. New Silicon Valley or a new 1984?” (Springer)

© 2020 Redesigning Organizations Concepts for the Connected Society Editors: Feldner, Denise (Ed.) Addresses the digital transformation in the context of business, government and society Offers valuable insights on the role of trust and new public policy concepts in digital networks Includes case studies on the most recent approaches and projects Addresses the most important questions […]