Estonian Radical-Right in the Mainstream. An analysis (March 2021)

An Analysis in Translated  Florian Hartleb: Estland: Rechtsradikale im Mainstream, in: Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik, 66 (2021) 3, S. 33-36. ANALYSIS | 9 MIN Estonian Right-Wing Radicals in The Mainstream Female dual leadership and parity: the Baltic country presents itself as a progressive pioneer in Europe. But the far-right opposition is strong   […]

Interview in Deutsche Welle about the Estonian elections and the far right

Deutsche Welle , 4/3/2019 EUROPE Far-right ‘stoking fears’ in Estonia’s parliamentary election The far-right EKRE received nearly 18 percent of the vote in Estonia’s recent parliamentary election. Political scientist Florian Hartleb talks to DW about the party’s origins, and what its success means for Europe.      DW: The center-right opposition Reform Party won Sunday’s election in Estonia. […]