new research article: (with Prof. Isabelle Borucki) on e-voting throughout Europe (May 2023)

ORIGINAL RESEARCH article Isabelle Borucki/Florian Hartleb: Debating E-Voting throughout Europe. Constitutional Structures, Parties’ Concepts and Europeans’ Perceptions, in: Frontiers in Political Science (2023), three times blind peer reviewed, 17 May 2023 Sec. Elections and Representation Volume 5 – 2023 | Isabelle Borucki1* and Florian Hartleb2 1Department 03, Institute for Political Science, Philipps University, Marburg, Germany 2Faculty for […]

No business-as-usual scenario: My 10 points for an EU Corona action plan in Open Democracy (19th May)

Open Democracy No business-as-usual scenario: 10 points for an EU Corona action plan Expertocracy is not the same as democracy: the legitimation question must be raised, and psychological aspects of public opinion considered. Florian Hartleb 19 May 2020 Michel Barnier (advisor) and Commission President José Manuel Barroso ( together right) had a plan in 2006, […]

Lecturing (EU-Erasmus) in Barcelona on social work in times of fake news and populism (26th March)

From 24th to 26th March I was invited to be guest lecturer at Universitat Ramon Llull, specialized in Social work in Barcelona.  The funding came from EU Erasmus mobility fund for lecturers in exchange program with Catholic-University Eichstätt. There I am teaching regularly as a guest lecturer as well.  The topic of my lecture was “Social […]

EU in troubles? An answer (together with Roland Freudenstein), December 2019

György Schöpflin, a former Hungarian MEP from the Fidesz-Party and well-known Professor, writes about trends that cause concern within the EU. “For the small countries of Europe—and this includes all the former communist states—the thought of being integrated into a European empire should be anathema,” says Schöpflin. “They’ve all been through the imperial wringer, several […]

Statements after European elections in Deutsche Welle about the radical right in Germany

Deutsche Welle GERMANY, 27/May 2019, Author: Austin Davis  EU election: AfD surge in eastern Germany sets up clash of cultures The far-right AfD has emerged as the strongest political party in Germany’s formerly communist East. With the Greens winning big among young, urban voters though, the East-West divide looks set to deepen further. In Sunday’s European […]

Workshop on the Transformation in the European Party System in the German Federal Foreign Office (10th May 2019)

On 10th May I participated on an Expert Workshop in the German Federal Foreign Office on “European Parliament Elections 2019. Drivers and Impacts of the Transformation in the European Party System”. The organizer was the Berlin-based Institut für Europäische Politik together with the Planning of the German Federal Foreign Office.  “The Institut für Europäische Politik […]

Interview in Deutsche Welle about the Estonian elections and the far right

Deutsche Welle , 4/3/2019 EUROPE Far-right ‘stoking fears’ in Estonia’s parliamentary election The far-right EKRE received nearly 18 percent of the vote in Estonia’s recent parliamentary election. Political scientist Florian Hartleb talks to DW about the party’s origins, and what its success means for Europe.      DW: The center-right opposition Reform Party won Sunday’s election in Estonia. […]