Statement about the success of the French Front National in MDR Jump Radio

My Statement about the success of the French Front National (reasons, refugee Problem, German case) on the 7th December 2015 (in German): Listen here:   MDR JUMP 07.12.2015, 12:10 Uhr Rechtsruck in Frankreich: Front National stärkste Kraft Drei Wochen nach den Terroranschlägen in Paris hat der rechtsextreme Front National die erste Runde der Regionalwahlen gewonnen. […]

Opinion piece in (“The demagogue lessons”) about the Greek government

Opinion piece for (1st July 2015) Ein Lehrstück für Demagogie Europa ist in Gefahr: Griechische Linkspopulisten bedrohen den Integrationsprozess. Tsipras und Varoufakis gelingt es, Europas Politiker reihenweise vorzuführen. Wie kann das sein? Gastbeitrag eines Populismusforschers.

Here to stay: anti-establishment parties in Europe

Here to stay: anti-establishment parties in European View, Martens Centre for European Studies, Brussels my article in Springer Link, download for free Public attention has been drawn to the recent successes of the far right. This article claims that a new wave of anti-establishment parties has shaken European politics. A diverse array of outsiders from […]

Explaining the success of Right-wing populist parties in Europe

  updated short version with analytical conclusions 2014 here: with Karsten Grabow: Europa – No, thanks? Study on the rise of right-wing and nationalist populist parties, Sankt-Augustin/Berlin 2014. Review of the whole book in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung   Europe’s right-wing and national populist parties are on the upswing, even despite […]

Populism – a hindrance for political socialisation?

Often, teenagers feel themselves misunderstood by politicians. Parties and governments do not seem authentic to them. Does this so-called “political querulousness” have the consequence that young people in particular favour populist politicians? And how do the populists present their argumentation? English and French version on eurotopics, based on Florian Hartleb: Populismus – ein Hindernis für […]

Statement in Radio Sweden about Right-wing populism in Europe

Florian Hartleb says the EU elections always give alternative parties a better chance. “European elections are still ‘second’ elections with very little turnout”, he told Radio Sweden, “Outsider parties or anti-establishment parties like the Pirate Party in the last election, have much more opportunities than in the national election.” And the right-wing populist parties are likely […]

Statement in Washington Times about populism and anti-islamism in Europe

German political scientist Florian Hartleb notes that populist right-wing groups using anti-Islam rhetoric are making gains in European governments, including famously tolerant Scandinavia. He says “multiculturalism has [offered] a certain kind of vision” for Europe over the years.“But there has been a very negative debate on this topic – especially combined with Islamism,” says Mr. […]