Opinion piece (“How the Greek drama is changing Europe”) on handelsblatt.com

How the Greek drama is changing Europe  My opinion piece for handelsblatt.com on 15th July 2015 GASTBEITRAG ZUR SCHULDENKRISE Wie das Griechenland-Drama Europa verändert Bei den zähen Griechenland-Gesprächen haben die europäischen und nationalen Eliten an Glaubwürdigkeit eingebüßt. Zu krass sind sie im Dickicht eigener Widersprüche verheddert. Ist Europa noch zu helfen? Ein Kommentar. Nach Einigung […]

Here to stay: anti-establishment parties in Europe

Here to stay: anti-establishment parties in European View, Martens Centre for European Studies, Brussels my article in Springer Link, download for freehttp://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12290-015-0348-4 Public attention has been drawn to the recent successes of the far right. This article claims that a new wave of anti-establishment parties has shaken European politics. A diverse array of outsiders from […]

The fascination of revolutions and the Ukraine dilemma

Revolutions are the big fascination, hope, illusion or tragedy in modern politics – stuff for dreams, illustrated in Hollywood movies, in art and literature. The attractiveness of this global phenomenon is also indicated in the high symbolism: People usually demonstrate in public squares and use slogans. The Estonian Singing Revolution or the Baltic Chain are […]

Explaining the success of Right-wing populist parties in Europe

  updated short version with analytical conclusions 2014 here: with Karsten Grabow: Europa – No, thanks? Study on the rise of right-wing and nationalist populist parties, Sankt-Augustin/Berlin 2014. http://martenscentre.eu/sites/default/files/publication-files/kas_36200-544-2-30.pdf Review of the whole book in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/politische-buecher/exposing-the-demagogues-ausgepraegter-euroskeptizismus-13232728.html   Europe’s right-wing and national populist parties are on the upswing, even despite […]