Explaining the success of Right-wing populist parties in Europe


updated short version with analytical conclusions 2014 here:

with Karsten Grabow: Europa – No, thanks? Study on the rise of right-wing and nationalist populist parties, Sankt-Augustin/Berlin 2014.


Review of the whole book in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



Europe’s right-wing and national populist parties are on the upswing, even despite some recent electoral setbacks. They have entered parliaments across Europe and some parties are even participating in national governments. What is remarkable is that right-wing and national populist parties have changed their mobilisation tactics. While predominantly xenophobic in the past, right-wing populists now mobilise against further European integration-and not without success.

Link: http://martenscentre.eu/sites/default/files/publication-files/kas-populism_-_final.pdf