Film recording about the terrorist attacks in Munich (Lone Wolves) – May 2021


In May 2021 I had a film team in Tallinn/Estonia in order to record about the terrorist attacks on 22nd July 2016: 

I wrote a book about it: 


Lone Wolves

The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors

Authors: Hartleb, Florian




Reviews: TV zu München

“Lone Wolves: The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors is a remarkably interesting work that provides a well-documented and wide-ranging analysis, both from a theoretical and an empirical perspective.” (European Eye on Radicalization,, July 10, 2020)

“This is a book well worth reading as it opens new research directions not only regarding the question of ‘what makes a lone wolf terrorist’ but also how the milieus that propagate them may be countered.” (José Pedro Zúquete, Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol. 14 (3), 2020)

“Lone Wolves contains much interesting information on the issue … . Hartleb delivers several messages that are valuable for an informed public discourse – for instance, the book raises awareness for the fact that far-right extremism does constitute a major terrorist threat and that, for far too long, a double standard has been applied when comparing Islamist and far-right violence.” (Jannis Jost, JIPSS Journal for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies, Vol. 13 (2), 2019)