Just published my book “Lone Wolves – The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors” (Springer)

Lone Wolves

The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors

Authors: Hartleb, Florian

  • Highlights the dynamics and ideological roots of lone wolf terrorism
  • Written in clear and straightforward language for the politically interested reader
  • Discusses suitable countermeasures to prevent future terror attacks

About this book: 

As the attacks in Norway, Munich and most recently Christchurch have shown: a new threat is now shaking liberal Western societies. Radicalized right-wing extremists – so-called lone wolves – are engaging in individually planned terror attacks.
Written by an expert on terrorism and populism, this book highlights the dynamics of this new breed of terrorism. By providing in-depth insights into the biographies of individual perpetrators, it illustrates the changing profile of the typical lone terrorist. This new kind of terrorist engages in violence without being a member of a party or organization, yet is radicalized by a global right-wing subculture that communicates in virtual networks. This startling and well-written book reveals the ideological roots of lone wolf terrorism and urges governments and civil society to take the threat seriously and implement suitable countermeasures.