Lecturing (EU-Erasmus) in Barcelona on social work in times of fake news and populism (26th March)

From 24th to 26th March I was invited to be guest lecturer at Universitat Ramon Llull, specialized in Social work in Barcelona. 

The funding came from EU Erasmus mobility fund for lecturers in exchange program with Catholic-University Eichstätt. There I am teaching regularly as a guest lecturer as well. 

The topic of my lecture was “Social work in times of fake news and populism”. The focus on identity politics is also visible in the city of Barcelona. 




Summary of my lecture: 

“We swim now in more dangerous waters, and we cannot longer take the achievements of liberal democracies for granted. A hysteria over Fake News that does not critically engage with its collateral damage, the attack on the free press and particularly dissenting viewpoints, severely threatens our democracy. The spread of intentionally fake media is a serious problem and should be addressed carefully.”