Explaining the success of Right-wing populist parties in Europe

  updated short version with analytical conclusions 2014 here: with Karsten Grabow: Europa – No, thanks? Study on the rise of right-wing and nationalist populist parties, Sankt-Augustin/Berlin 2014. http://martenscentre.eu/sites/default/files/publication-files/kas_36200-544-2-30.pdf Review of the whole book in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/politische-buecher/exposing-the-demagogues-ausgepraegter-euroskeptizismus-13232728.html   Europe’s right-wing and national populist parties are on the upswing, even despite […]

A thorn in the side of European elites. The new Euroscepticism

A thorn in the side of European elites. The new Euroscepticism, Brussels 2011.   The European project has recently reached a critical point, where a discussion on the fundamental objectives of the European Union has entered public debate. There are considerable concerns about a new Euroscepticism arising in response to recent developments, especially the Eurozone […]