The rise of populism in Asia and Europa compared – my analysis for “Political change” Singapore

Political change in Europe and Asia (July 2018)

In recent years, domestic politics in both Europe and Asia have arguably become less predictable and prone to sudden, unexpected changes. Although domestic volatility is not a new phenomenon in either region, contemporary drivers are analogous and may be a reflection of a new era, with significant implications for both domestic and foreign policies.

Cover: Political Change

In this issue of our journal, authors reflect on contemporary changes in the domestic political architectures in both Europe and Asia and analyse causes, drivers, and impacts in order to get a better understanding of political renewal. Whether this is for better or worse is dependent in personal interpretation; that both regions undergo significant political change, however, is undisputable.

 The Rise of New-Populism in Europe and Asia

Florian Hartleb


Singapore, July 17, 2018

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