Workshop on the Transformation in the European Party System in the German Federal Foreign Office (10th May 2019)

On 10th May I participated on an Expert Workshop in the German Federal Foreign Office on “European Parliament Elections 2019. Drivers and Impacts of the Transformation in the European Party System”. The organizer was the Berlin-based Institut für Europäische Politik together with the Planning of the German Federal Foreign Office. 

“The Institut für Europäische Politik highlights two reasons in the pre-election study: Polarization and crises. The European party system is characterized transnationally by a new polarization along the cosmopolitan cleavage, in which newly founded cosmopolitan-pro-European and right-wing nativist and EU-sceptic parties are often gaining public support, while the traditional catch-all parties, which are more ambivalent towards European politics (“moderately pro-European”), lose support.”

The rise of new parties and movements is facilitated by the opportunities offered by social media, which make parties less dependent on their membership strength and increase the importance of charismatic leaders and target-group oriented communication.”



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